Mandelli Normalizzati: a typical Italian Hystory

A Leading Company in the field of Die and mold components and technologies

The Founder: Ezio Mandelli

It is in this scenario that our founder, Ezio Mandelli, descendant of a peasant and worker family originally from the province of Lecco, opened his first mechanical workshop in Turin during the early 1950s with some partners.

Soon the mechanical workshop will specialize in the design and construction of precision molds for cold sheet metal stamping and will become a trusted partner of some of the most important national industries, in the field of electronics, household appliances and automobile

The Italian 'Boom'

Immediately after the end of World War II, Italy is facing a very strong process of reconstruction and industrialization that will lead the country to the so-called “economic boom”, towards the end of the 1950s.

This process led to rapid growth in all sectors and the rapid transformation from an artisanal and peasant society to a highly industrialized society to meet the need for mass production.

In the field of metalworking, traditional craftsmen were faced with the need to produce equipment capable of guaranteeing the production of large volumes, in order to meet the growing demand for equipment, motorcycles, cars, household appliances, both for the national market and for the international one.

The Robassomero Plant

Mandelli Normalizzati S.r.l., starting from 1997, inaugurated the new factory based in Robassomero, Turin.
Purpose of Mandelli Normalizzati S.r.l. is to create a production, distribution and service unit operating exclusively in the specific sector, capable of achieving the production capacity, precision, quality, competitiveness and the rapid and widespread service required today by the national and international markets.
Today the founder’s children and grandchildren continue the development of this business with great passion, dedication and competence, as well as with extreme honesty and seriousness, in order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of Italian and foreign mold makers in terms of quality, precision, competitiveness, speed and service.

Investments, Technologies and Partnerships

The investments made in new technologies for the production and testing of our components, in modern organization and management systems, in expert and qualified human resources for a fast and professional service, make Mandelli Normalizzati one of the most modern and interesting industrial and commercial realities in the field of sheet metal and plastic molding.

In parallel with our production, an extremely broad program of standard elements and specific technologies has been created, able to meet all customer needs.

Our collaboration with some of the most important international groups operating in this sector has allowed us to also offer innovative products of absolute quality, with a guarantee of service and assistance worldwide.