Guide Components WZ Standard

Standard Components for tools and dies

Guide Components WZ Standard

The most comprehensive program of WZ standard Meter guide elements ready from our warehouse.

Bushings and guide columns in steel, in solid bronze, in steel with electrogalvanic coating in

bronze Meter and Lamina, all with ground diameters and lapped to guarantee maximum precision and reliability, aluminum and brass ball cages, special guide elements to drawing.

The new Meterlube self-lubricating bushings are have been designed for insertion into molds for high productions and high speed. The inside diameter is coated with a new sintered material conception containing a self-lubricating agent ad high viscosity.

The Meterlube bushing combines the sturdiness and stability of the steel bushing at self-lubricating properties. The union of steel molecules to the self-lubricating sintered coating they are inseparable and guarantee exceptional strength and durability of the Meterlube bushing, also in extreme conditions, with high precision in long-term mold guide, no need of any maintenance by the user.