Metersprings SPEC

Standard Components for tools and dies

Metersprings SPEC

SPEC is a program comprising over 7000 springs, washers and precision components, an exclusive of Metersprings Srl, one of the main distributors of the BARNESĀ® GROUP INC brand, the world’s leading spring manufacturer. Every detail is designed with extreme precision and all components are built according to DIN standards using the highest quality steels, in order to guarantee the constant quality of the components purchased from the service offered by the Associated Spring branches.


Save on design time, delivery time, reduce trial and error, gain quality, all at competitive prices.

Metersprings Srl founded in 2003 as the exclusive distributor of Associated Spring, distributes over 8000 different products that satisfy customers in every sector, from military to food. With extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, mold springs, disc springs, washers, gas springs, conical springs, garter springs, spiral springs, urethane springs, clips and clips the entire mechanical sector is covered . In addition to all standard products, special products of any kind and size are also available.


Save production times, gain consistency, continuity and consistency of production.

SPEC offers you a huge and flexible program that allows you to easily identify the right component for you. There is no longer any need to waste precious time to send drawings or describe the part to be built. Simply consult the Spec catalog and you will find the most suitable component.


Our customers see the SPEC catalog as a quick and easy source for the acquisition of precision components. All components in the catalog are listed in sequence with progressive part numbers, easily traceable to the attached price list. In the case of large quantity requests, we will offer you highly competitive prices.