Standard Components for tools and dies


Complete program of standard cam units. We list some of the main features of Lamina products:

– Quality of the materials used and precision of machining;

– Special pentahedron section of the slides to guarantee maximum precision in stamping and resistance to side loads. The greater distribution of forces along the pentahedron section practically cancels the effects of wear, increasing the life of the slide and eliminating maintenance or repairs on it;

– Patented anti-noise mechanism (25dB of noise reduction compared to a traditional cam);

– Possibility of using the Lamina units in line or in parallel since the effective width of the cams corresponds to the useful working width, with the possibility of adjusting the cams individually.

They are also equipped with a safety system, with a wide range (9 types, 44 models), with advantageous prices, fast delivery.

Use of Lamina cams by the main world car manufacturers (VDI / BAK, NAAMS and JIS approved).

Download the catalogueS LAMINA IEM CAM UNITS