A Professional and quick service

An extremely wide portfolio of Standard Components and Specific Technologies

Injection Moulding

Standard Components for Plastic Injection Moulds

Polishing and Finishing

For all polishing and finishing needs

Knowhow and Flexibility

Our in-depth technical knowledge of the mold sector, in addition to the wide range of standard components, allows us to design and implement tailored engineered solutions, to meet the most various needs of our customers in many fields of application.

Quality and Timeliness

Quality is the basis of all our processes, we monitor the incoming raw material, the work done externally and the purchase components that come from suppliers with continuous audits in order to control every single step that leads to the realization of the final product. We have a large stock of components ready for delivery, which allows us to meet all the needs of timeliness in delivery time.

Reliability and Experience

Our seriousness and our many years of collaboration with some of the world’s leading manufacturers has always allowed us to offer our customers 100% reliable products without compromise, in full compliance with quality standards and technical specifications, in order to guarantee perfect functionality. and the durability of our components and subsequently of your dies and molds.

Global International Presence

Our collaboration with some of the most important international groups operating in this sector has allowed us to offer innovative products of superior quality, with a guarantee of service and assistance worldwide.

Custom Machining and Technologies

A wide range of Custom Machining and Innovative Technologies to satisfy all our customers needs

Special Die Sets and Plates

CNC Manufacturing to Customer drawing and specifications

Milling / Copying

We perform CNC milling and copying operations on plates and mold parts, even large ones


The turning process that precedes the heat treatment and grinding operations prepares the components for a roughing phase to allow the finishing of the pieces in the subsequent phases


With its modern machine park, METER can perform the grinding of the plate surfaces and the grinding of internal and external diameters, bringing the piece to finished size with a high degree of finishing


To complete the service offered to our customers, we carry out wire and dip electroerosion machining

Swing cam technology YB℗

which allows the execution of complicated undercuts in sheet metal stamping, in particular for automotive body elements, to reduce the number of operations and improve the quality of the printed parts and costs

Retrofitting of machinery parts, Special Equipment, presses and fixtures

Thanks to our fifty years of experience in the sector, we are able to manufacture special equipments (retrofitting of machinery, presses, checking fixtures)

Complete dies, Stamping, Prototyping

Thanks to our fifty years of experience in the sector, we are able to manufacture complete dies, prototyping and stamping of sheet metal parts

Hyson Nitrogen Eengineered Systems

HYSON offers multiple solutions for the delay and control of the blank holder to reduce springback and deformation of the parts without interfering with automation

Metercoat Coating

We carry out the revolutionary METERCOAT coating internally, to obtain a self-lubricating effect on guide and sliding elements and on any particular subject to strong friction and wear stresses