Hyson Gas Springs and Technologies

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Hyson Gas Springs and Technologies

Hyson, inventor of nitrogen cylinders and world leader in the sector, presents you the widest range available today on the market, at extremely competitive prices, fast delivery from the Swedish manufacturing plant, assistance and technical expertise, thanks to the fourty-year collaboration with Mandelli Normalizzati.

Over the years, Hyson, in the production of all cylinder models, has made a whole series of technical improvements, result of the experience and research and development of Hyson technicians, who make these cylinders the product most technologically advanced in the sector, in terms of performance, durability, safety.

Flexible piston guide: designed to absorb any lateral forces and misalignments and guarantee a long durability even in critical working conditions.

Flexible piston ring: mounted along the piston rod, it ensures greater guidance of the piston.

Over pressure protection: safety relief valve in case of over pressure due to excess load.

Over stroke protection: a patented system allows the cylinder walls to deform and vent the gas in excess in a controlled manner, in case of over-stroke and overload of the cylinder body.

Overload protection: in case of blockage in the die, due to excessive piston return speed, the particular shape of the rod and a safety stop, hold the rod inside the cylinder and allow the gas to vent safely.